This historic Trail's End Marathon course is relatively flat with just a few minor hills. Views of Pacific Ocean add to your enjoyment.

Course Info - The 2011 Trail's End Marathon presents the fourth different course used for the 31 years of its running. The first was set up where runners passed very close to the finish with only five miles to go. It lasted only one year. Skipping ahead, the third didn't actually run in Seaside at all but was further north in Clatsop County in 1998 and 1999. The present course leaves 80% of the traditional course, used for 26 years, still intact. The addition of three miles (1.5 miles out and back north of Sunset Drive on Highway 101) was required by the Oregon Department of Transportation for safety reasons. Because of this, the race heads down Broadway to Wahanna and turns left. Cutting out the original Wahanna loop to the right helps make up some of the difference, while a trip around Shore Terrace and Ocean Avenue stretches out the field before reaching 101. The course remains the same as the traditional course until the stretch beyond Sunset. Upon arrival at Patriot Way the runners veer off to the right and circle under the highway for a return to 101S on the way back to Sunset. Directions don't vary from the old days until a right is taken onto Malarkey Drive which leads to Ocean Drive before connecting with Surf Pines. The final change occurs when the course leaves Highway 101S at Shamrock and lops off 1.3 miles of highway running.