Trail’s End Marathon
 Street Description

1. Start at Broadway Street & S Columbia Street. (Head East)
2. Turn left onto N Wahanna Road.
3. Turn right onto Shore Terrace which becomes Ocean Avenue.
4. Turn right back onto Wahanna.

5. Merge into HWY 101N.

6. Right onto Oster Lane.
7. Left onto Railroad Avenue.
8. Right onto Pacific Way.
9. Left onto McCormack Garden Road.
10. Left onto Hillila Lane.
11. Right onto HWY 101N.
12. Right onto Dellmoor Loop.
13. Left onto Dellmoor Loop.
14. Right onto Johns Road.
15. Left onto West Lake Lane.
16. Right onto West Anderson Road.
17. Right onto Old Bog Road.
18. Left onto Hawkins Road (Gravel Road).
19. Left onto Cullaby Lake Lane.
20. Right onto HWY 101N.
21. Right onto trail above Patriot Way.
22. Merge onto HWY 101S.
23. Right onto Sunset Beach Lane.

24. Left onto Lewis Road (Gated Community)
           Lewis Road turns into Manion Drive
25. Right onto Malarkey Drive.
26. Left onto Ocean Drive.
27. Left onto Surf Pines Drive. (Gated Community)

26. Right onto HWY 101S.
27. Right onto Highlands Lane.
28. U turn at cone.
29. Right onto HWY 101S.
30. Right onto Shamrock Road.
31. Leftt onto Pineridge Road.
32. Right onto Gearhart Avenue.
          Gearhart Avenue turns into N. Manion Avenue.
33. Right onto Pacific Way
34. Left onto S Ocean Ave
35. Left on F Street.
36. Left onto F Street. (Again)
37. Follow F Street to bend to G street
38. Follow G Street to HWY101.
39. Head South on HWY 101S.
40. Right onto 24th Avenue.
41. Left onto N Holladay Drive.
42. Right onto 12th Avenue.
43. Left on Promenade.
44. Head to Finish! (Finish at Lewis/Clark Statue!)