Trail's End Marathon Race Archives

To the left are links to the results of the Trail's End Marathon!* 

*We are missing a ton of results! If you have any results or pictures of past Trail's End Marathon races please contact us asap!! Thanks!

This site is a work in progress. All years include the name and time for the male and female winner.  Most years now include much more:

1970--Both women and all 36 runners under three hours.

1971--Six women (sex not designated on result sheet, so some may be overlooked) and all 86 finishers under three hours.

1972--Top two women. Top five men.

1973--Top ten women and all 92 finishers under three hours.

1974--Top ten women and all 88 finishers under three hours.

1975--Female winner and all 110 runners under three hours. Last names only and no designation of sex make the women's list difficult to compile.

1976--Top ten women and all 154 finishers under three hours.

1977--Top ten women and all 176 finishers under three hours.

1978--Top ten women and all 283 finishers under three hours.

1979--Top ten women and all 219 finishers under three hours.


1981--Top ten women and all 173 finishers under three hours.

1982--Top ten women and all 246 finishers under three hours.

1983--Top ten women and all 181 finishers under three hours.


1985--Top ten women and all 93 finishers under three hours.





1990--No race.

1992--Top ten women. Top ten men.

1993--Full results for the 40 who ran the postponed race; first male and female in official race.

1994--Top ten women. Top ten men.

1995--Top ten women. Top ten men.

1996--Top ten women. Top ten men.

1997--Top ten women. Top ten men.

1998--Top ten women. First 100 finishers.

1999--Top ten women. First 100 finishers.

For most of the early years, the Trail's End Marathon printed out results which were handed out at a chili feed the evening after the race. We obviously need copies of several of those years. Some of the result pages we do have are unclear. Please email corrections for our errors. 1975 lists no first names nor the genders of the runners. After the first female, we have no idea of a runner's division. Help on the remainder will be appreciated.